We power Set-Top-Boxes compliant with all Digital transmission standards

Key values:

  • Excellent phase-noise performance, reducing requirements on LNB, tuner and cable
  • High symbol rate supported
  • Ultra low power consumption with smaller and RoHS packaging
  • Full product line, all with successful customer implementations
    • - Single-channel and dual-channel DVB-S2 demodulator configurations available
    • - DVB-S2 demodulator customization helping enhance system security
  • Various product forms including NIM, iDTV and Set-top-box
  • Comprehensive reference solutions available for a variety of tuners and back-end decoders

Key features:

  • Compliant with ETSI EN 302 307 v1.3.1 (DVB-S2) and ETSI EN 300 421 v1.1.2 (DVB-S)
  • High-performance QPSK/8PSK satellite TV receiver
  • Fast automatic blind scan of symbol rates and carrier frequencies
  • Signal quality and BER/PER monitors
  • Equalizer compensating channel impairment
  • Multi-purpose modulator for DiSEqC™ applications
  • Standard MPEG-2 transport output parallel and serial interfaces
  • Software-controlled tri-state MPEG and RFAGC outputs
  • Software-controlled LNB interface (GPIOs)