Company Overview

About Availink

Founded in 2005 by a group of distinguished technologists, Availink is a fabless IC company specializing in advanced demodulators, SoCs (system-on-a-chip), and embedded software solutions for a global digital TV and multimedia clientele. Our journey through various product generations has focused on delivering cutting-edge chips and comprehensive solutions. We operate globally with multiple R&D labs and customer support centers in Mainland China and Taiwan, and a dedicated research center in the United States.

A pivotal moment in our history was the strategic acquisition of the STB (set-top-box) Product Center of Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. in early 2015. This merger significantly expanded our expertise and global footprint, marking a critical step in our journey towards international market leadership.

To date, we have sold over 300 million chips worldwide. Through these chips, we have empowered over a billion people globally to access content from broadcast TV and OTT services, significantly impacting the digital entertainment space.

Availink is recognized as a market leader, known for superior product quality, innovative technology, and an optimized product portfolio. Our product range covers satellite, terrestrial, cable TV, IPTV, and OTT applications.

To transform the multimedia experience, we focus on designing and developing semiconductor chips that align with modern technological advancements.

Our mission is to establish leadership in the digital TV and multimedia sectors through innovative ideas, advanced technologies, and a robust business model that transitions from emerging markets to a global scale.

Our ambition to lead the market in digital TV receiver chipsets is based on adherence to international standards for satellite, terrestrial, and cable TV broadcasting, as well as multimedia applications.

Business and technology innovation are crucial to our sustained growth in the competitive, volatile market. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit among our employees, making innovation integral to delivering value to our customers.

We believe that retaining our customer base and accelerating our business growth depends on providing safe, durable, and cost-effective high-quality products.

Shortening the cycle time from product definition to commercialization enhances the value of both our customers' products and our product competency. We are dedicated to reducing engineering delivery times to offer superior products and solutions.

We focus on market sectors where we have proven expertise, ensuring that our customers always receive service from a market leader. Our commitment to maintaining this position is unwavering.

Availink continues to uphold its commitment to excellence, innovation, and market leadership in the evolving digital TV and multimedia technology landscape