Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission


At Availink, we envision a world where digital connectivity and access to information are not privileges but universal rights. Our vision is to innovate in digital multimedia technology, creating consistent, accessible and affordable solutions that connect people across the globe. 

We aspire to bridge the digital divide, transforming the way individuals and communities interact with media, and ensuring that 'every person' has the opportunity to be 'equally' informed, educated, and entertained. 

In this future, we see ourselves not just as a company, but as an enabler for self-empowerment and change.


Our mission at Availink is to enhance the digital TV and multimedia landscape through our innovation, drive for perfection, and customer-centric approach.

We are committed to developing semiconductor chips and comprehensive solutions that set industry standards for quality, performance, and ease of access.

Our aim is to expand our global footprint, leveraging our expertise to provide seamless access to digital content for billions worldwide.

At Availink, we are dedicated to making the world more connected, more informed, more entertained, and more equitable; one chip at a time!